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Since 1930, the Boy Scouts of America has helped younger boys through Cub Scouting. Parents, leaders, and organizations work together to achieve the 10 purposes of Cub Scouting:

  • Character Development
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Good Citizenship
  • Sportsmanship & Fitness
  • Family Understanding
  • Respectful Relationships
  • Personal Achievement
  • Friendly Service
  • Fun & Adventure
  • Preparation for Boy Scouts

The Cub Scouts of America colors are blue and gold. They have special meaning, which will help boys see beyond the fun of Cub Scouting to its ultimate goals. The blue stands for truth and spirituality, steadfast loyalty, and the sky above. The gold stands for warm sunlight, good cheer and happiness.

As a boy begins the Boy Scout Trail, he joins other boys his own age. He can start the scouting program at any age from 7 (starting 1st grade) to 17 years old. The Cub Scout program is for 1st graders through 3rd graders – Tiger cubs, Wolf scouts, and Bear scouts. After completing Bear scout requirements, scouts begin their Webelos program which starts at the 4th grade. see Webelos

Who Can Join

Tiger – 1st grade or 7 years ol

Wolf – 2nd grade or 8 years old

Bear- 3rd grade or 9 years old

Webelos – 4th and 5th grade


How much does it cost?

New Cub Scouts Yearly Dues, $115 includes
1 year subscription to Boy’s Life Magazine.

Returning Cub Scouting Yearly Dues for the 2010-2011 Year $105, includes
1 year subscription to Boy’s Life Magazine.

New Cub Scout Leaders, Assistant Leaders, Committee Members $15 Registration
fee per year.

How often do we meet?

The den meetings are about 1 hour every other week. The schedule is determined by Den Leaders and typically meet at Our Lady of Las Vegas School’s picnic tables.

Pack Meetings (All Dens) meet every 6-7 for weeks at Our Lady of Las Vegas School’s picnic tables or gym.

Pack meeting and events last for about 2 hours.

Additional Pack Events- Various times and dates

When do we start meeting?

Den Meetings start in September and go until May when they graduate to the next rank.

To Join

Contact Rob Adams, Cubmaster Pack 99, Phone: (702) 877-5905


Cub Scout Pack 99 • Our Lady of Las Vegas • Roman Catholic Church • Las Vegas, Nevada